Sunday, November 25, 2012


To avoid nagging
he gulps down pegs and pretends
every thing's normal:
keeping the mouth shut, hiding
whiskeyed breath  and meditating

Trying all sides
and every position
to sleep a few hours
but pain in the neck conspires
with long winter nights

The lips in her eyes
and long hours in the mouth
no moist secret
between us to reveal:
now our backs to each other

She says she is

a pure vegetarian
and hates to take
even an egg 'coz it comes
from the chicken's vagina

Fondling her breasts
I incite a poem
on her body
eraze my self
stroking pubic darkness

Hearing him talk dung

she doubts his integrity
and curses him for
emitting lava from mouth:
I regret stomach upset

A tress of hair
she drops over the mole
on her forehead
thinking it's ugly and
hides her own gazelle eyes

The beads of sweat
on her breasts do not touch
her years or face
in candle light her shadow
is more restrained than my thought

Making love
she tastes the salt
on his shoulder
in the afternoon he pounds
like the surf into her flesh

The power goes off
suddenly summer heat chokes
in bed sleepless she turns
undoing a hook or two
of her tight blouse

--Ram Krishna Singh

Thursday, November 22, 2012



He sees art
in her wanton dress--/
crawling curls

A watchman gazes
the stars on her body
elements clack

Swirling spirals
of her skirt  spills tides of dream
and memory

Clad in swimsuit
her body in water sweeps
waltzing ripplets

Clings to her body
her red wet saree--
waving wrinkles

Tending her hooks
she blushes to see
the line of jewels

A thin moon
on her neck hides love
in silk gauze

Dangling her necklace
below the drooping breasts--
milking stream

the hand bra
Shehba on bike

Lust in mirror
models in lingerie:
winter rain

Under white light
dressing off her shoulders
musky scent up

Musky perfume
opens unsleeping eyes--
drowsy sweetness

She hides the mirror
with rose and lipstick
and keeps her fiction

She undresses in
dim light perfumes her body
fills room with herself