Monday, June 29, 2009


The beads of sweat
on her breasts do not touch
her years or face
in candle light her shadow
is more restrained than my thought


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Sensing sex
in her pink smile
long talk short


Sunday, June 14, 2009


Waving down
a leaf settles between
her breasts



Her shapely figure
in orange blouse and blue jeans
strained at the hips



He stands before
the nude venus awaiting
her gown to drop


Her Man

Still a child
embracing a breast
sleeps her man


Saturday, June 13, 2009


A thin moon
on her neck hides love
in silk gauge



He sees art
in her wanton dress--
crawling curls



It's not ageing
but eternal delight:
you under me
smooth belly nude necking
slow stroking parting flesh


Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Her smile triggers
fire in the loins--
sunbathing nude

Craving for a lick
of the salt on her skin
to become one with her

With head between breasts
and hand on her genital
crouching in midnight

Panting through kisses
convulses her body--
rhythmic petting

With fearing finger
touches her to reach the clit:

First he, then she
wipes the post-coital shit
with underwear

after ejaculation--

Every breath
love in action--
fire in hole

Fondling the breasts
I incite a poem
on her body

The aching limbs and
blood dripping between the thighs:
lovemaking postponed

Waving down
a leaf settles between
her breasts

Clad in swimsuit
her body in water sweeps
waltzing ripplets

Crouches out of bath
with hand on the genital
covering shame

Her firm no to my
feeling the plump softness of
the breasts after bath

With her breasts bobbing
up and down she challenges
the moon as she walks

Her thighs
resting place for the head
on bed

The wind lifts
her curved nudity:
water curtain

Hits the ball
in the tennis court
erect nipples

Mouth open
to lick her ice cream
brown tongue

The young maid
giving her nightie
another spin

Through erect nipples
feeling the warmth of your body
days of abstinence

After the tumble
buried between the sheets
left over passion

Seeks music in
love's masturbating keys
at his bed's foot

Sees in light
the smuts of the nightly act
on his underwear

After lovemaking
stains of dried urine
naked lunch

He stands before
the nude Venus awaiting
her gown to fall

Buying penis cone
to celebrate his manhood:
wall decoration

Staring at the huge
stone penis at Shinto shrine--
two female lovers

Raising her saree
above the thighs she bends to ease
and blocks my way

Night's passage
on the beach with her
silky sting

Images converge
on the mirage of body
molded yoni

before the climax
the other woman

in the dropped clothing
her bra

Leaves him alone
to escape daily rape in bed
his wife